My Photo Okay so who am I? My name is Sarah and I’m somewhere over 30 (let’s leave it at that…). I co-own my own company which is a web design and development agency, offering accessible web design and PHP/MySQL development. I work with my husband David, and we also hire other people to help on projects as and when needed. Personally I’m a PHP developer and am really not a designer! David is the CSS/HTML and Accessibility Guru and knows a good design when he sees it 🙂

David and I have been together since August 2005 and we married in 2009. We now live up on the North tip of the Wirral Peninsular, with our son who was born in December 2010. It’s not my natural home, to be honest I don’t really know to say where it is.

Life so far has been pretty varied. I’ve lived in various parts of England, Wales, Germany and Austria. My dad was in the RAF for the first 20 years of my life so we moved around a lot. I’ve spent most of my time living in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, however I’ve also lived near Dusseldorf, Germany; London, England; Cardiff, Wales; near Salzburg, Austria; near Chester, Cheshire and finally now, near Liverpool. We’re 10 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the city centre. Can’t argue with that!

I studied in Germany (in a school for military dependents) for my A’Levels in Maths, Computer Science and Business Studies. From there I moved to Wales, to Glamorgan University in Pontypridd, initially to study Mathematics and Accountancy but after the first Semester I felt more at ease with Maths and Computers and so switched my degree.

When I finished University I moved back home to Buckinghamshire and figured I’d take a month off and then just walk into a job, oh how wrong I was! I contacted various job agencies and had no luck at all. I started to temp which was easy enough to get into and after a few months I landed a job in London as a web developer maintaining a very busy web site. I stayed there for about 15 months and then left when I felt I had nothing further to do there. I left with no job to go to. I had a little freelance work to keep me going for a month but that was all. That is when my own business became a reality and I’ve never been fulltime employed since.

Since then I’ve spent 3 winters working in Austria as a ski instructor. I also spent 18 months living and contracting in Cardiff however I moved up to Cheshire in December 2005 and a couple of years ago we moved to our present home.

The biggest change recently in my life has to be the birth of our son Thomas. He came along, 11 days early, in December 2010 and has change our lives for the better. Then in January 2014 we went from one to three children, having had twins. Life is crazy, tiring and flying by very quickly, but it’s amazing all the same 🙂