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Twitter Accessibility

Accessible Images in Twitter

Businesses are gradually becoming more understanding of accessibility with websites although, 11 years on since the Disability Discrimination Act updated to include business and service provider websites as areas that required to be accessible to all, I still find so...

Spider-Ede: Edie May

The Spider-Ede Appeal

Last month we had some devastating news. Our great niece had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. 24 hours later she had further MRI scans at Aldey Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool and they concluded that there was a...

Page Menu Editor Admin Screenshot

Page Menu Editor v3.0

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally had time to modernise and tidy up the code on my page menu editor plugin. I’ve updated the WordPress functions, actions and filters where necessary, added better documentation throughout and employed...

Gorgeous day!

Gorgeous day!
#springtime #sunsout #nofilter #wp

HTML 5 Form Validation

Recently I’ve been starting to utilise the pattern attribute in form input fields to ensure that what the user enters is what is expected. I see so many mistakes coming through with a capital O instead of a zero 0,...