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Today I had my first payout with Tradedoubler. Admittendly I've had the money ready for over a month but on payout date last month I didn't realise I'd not given any bank details so they could pay me! However £32 is on its way to the AIS bank account today. Unfortunately due to my missing bank details, this means the further £29 sitting in my account won't be paid out until I make another sale or signup. The £2 (from a new signup) would have not gone out last month as it hadn't cleared so I'd have met the £30 threshold both times, however now I won't which is annoying!nnStill not bad considering that £32 came from 2 signups for a Natwest Business Account and a signup to Tradedoubler. I'll be signing up to the iTunes scheme through it too considering everyone I know buys plenty of music off it, may as well make something back ;)

Things are gonna be even more quiet than usual for a week or two. Business is mad and I just got kinda let down by someone doing some work for me so that means no early nights for me for a while :(nnI can't believe August is almost over, I don't know where it's gone! Anyhow, I've not forgotten this place but I'll be quiet for a week or two. Enjoy your bank holidays :)

I'd been wondering what to use to fill in the right hand side of this site. I really like the theme on this site as it's full width and even decreases well into my new PDA screen. However the original theme came with two menus to the left which I found confusing so I put them into one but that left a gap on the right. Anyhow, after reading a post on Osworld from burt about display recent comments, or effectively advertising them on the front end of your site (however they're on every page here!) I figured that recent comments were probably the best thing to fill the space with!nnSo on the right side now, for any web visitors, you'll see the last 10 recent comments. Fairly easy to add and I may add them to a couple of my other blogs when I can find somewhere to put them!nnRelated Links:nPost from burtnWordPress Plugin – Recent Comments

Okay not quite a frenzy but yesterday I had two good sales on a site that sells eBooks at 33% commission, and just woke up to another this morning! 3 sales in the space of 24 hours not only hit my daily target (comes to just over $20 for the 3) but is about as many sales as I've had on the same site in the past 6 months! There's no difference in stats so I can only assume I've attracted the right people for the last couple of days :)nnThis coincides well with Burt's post yesterday on Monetisation which essentially concludes not to rely on adsense. Adsense is easy income but more and more people are blocking the ads or are used to ignoring them, plus you need either a good targeted subject or lots of visitors to make a reasonable amount of money. On our main adsense site we get perhaps 350-500 visitors a day and make on average $3.50 – 5 a day thus 1c per visitor. In the last 24 hours from just 2 visitors I've made an average of $10 per person. That's a 1000% increase essentially. Of course clicks are easier to get than selling products, as the clicks don't cost the visitor whereas getting a visitor to part with their cash can be hard at times. The adsense site has products as well, and I'm already working on a way to make purchasing those products more ideal and hopefully even one sale a day will add an extra $100 a month onto the site.nnPerhaps it truely is time to forget about adsense, leave the sites that are doing fine alone and get back to the original AIS the one I learnt 6 years ago. Affiliate and product selling. I intend to attack the UK market with something they will trust to buy, something I've been planning since 2000, when I bought the domain for the job. A subject I am highly qualified on as a woman… shopping.nnHave a good weekend, I'm off for a round trip of the UK ;)

You hear various buzz words being thrown around on blogs, MFA (made for adsense), scraper (the same as MFA essentially), White Hat etc. I have 4 sites (2 inherited) created by NPB Software (Niche Portal Builder), I have 1 site created by RSSGM. The style of the NPB ones work on pulling in visitors by the means of a links directory. A page of links, each page runs off a keyword and the links are usually the top 10 links off a web search, which means you repeat your keyphrase several times on the page thus ranking for it yourself. The RSSGM site uses RSS feeds to give content, again the feeds are pulled using you keyphrase for that page so essentially should contain that phrase a few more times – just quick info for anyone who's not looked at or seen these type of sites before.nnI also have a one page adsense site. It uses Google news to supply up to date news snippets, there's a couple of paragraphs written by myself, an adsense block and a few links. And then I have some sites that are being created manually. The information and articles are written by myself, there are a small selection of links along with some adsense to compliment the articles and affiliate links.nnQuestion is, although the hand created sites are essentially White Hat sites, are they really? What determines a site to be White Hat? I've been reading a lot of stuff across a few blogs and forums about creating White Hat sites, and how building them with unique or rewritten PLR articles is the way to go and will create pure White Hat sites. I've seen these sites, I've seen the subjects for other sites. But despite them being considered White Hat sites, I would still consider them MFA sites! White Hat MFA sites. These are sites being created with one goal in mind, to make money from adsense. Heck don't get me wrong, I'm hardly concerned about that, but trying to make these sites sound like they're worthy of a place on the web is no different to having a scraper site or a parked domain page.nnI've read about some people making stacks of income via adsense through churning out site after site full of articles. But honestly, does the web need another Get out of Debt web site or a Mesothelioma site? Surely these sites are not adding worth when there are plenty of sites out there that do the job? If the site really makes a difference then that's great, but most of these sites don't. If you had an idea for a new car you wouldn't never get it built unless it had that extra umph, yet plenty of niche websites go up on a daily basis with no extra umph than the one next to it. Hey as I said, I'm not saying don't do it, as I have sites that are not adding value, the part that's winding me up is that people seem to think these 'White Hat MFA sites' are better than others, are providing a worth, but they're not.nnMy single page adsenser has no worth whatsoever. Out of the 5 MFA sites, 1 could be considered worthy as it's essentially a one of a kind, so even though it's scraped it could still be considered worthwhile, especially with a 35% bookmark rate. A second MFA site is undergoing changes. I want to manually add my own links to the links directory – does this become White Hat because it's not scraped? Does it become worthwhile? I think on the basis of links alone it still wouldn't be worthwhile. There are plenty of sites out there doing the same thing. However the products for sale on the site will hopefully make the site more worthwhile. The research and effort put into the site will make it seem worthwhile. But if it wasn't for being a good niche I doubt we'd be running it, so in the end it is still a MFA site with a few products and affiliate links on too.nnOut of the manually created sites I have running, both are essentially created with the idea to make money off them. They wouldn't be running otherwise.nnI inherited 2 scraper sites off a friend who had no time for them (and I do?!). There are around 150-200 pages on each. Far too much if you ask me. My idea? To work out the 8-10 most popular pages on each, use some keyword analysis on Wordtracker and redo the sites to just include these top 10 pages, plus the product and front page. There are articles on the site so I could just use an excerpt from each of those with perhaps a few manually chosen links. So there's a scraper site turned into a White Hat site – but it's still MFA. I wouldn't be paying attention to the site if I didn't think it could make me some money.nnWhat's the point of this post? Just to say that anyone getting on their high horse over White hat sites need to sit back and realise that they're not much different to black hat sites. Ask yourself a question – Is the site an improvement over the best site out there for the subject, and would you create it still if it didn't make you money? I'm happy to admit that I have sites that I would never in a bluemoon have created if it wasn't for the cash.

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