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Social Media Marketing

Yes, it’s pretty obvious and it’s been around for quite a while, drummed into those of us who have been blogging or offering SEO services (to some degree). Social Media is a major marketing tool. However, despite that being the...

Schema code in HTML5 0

Using Schema in your sites

I was recently looking for some posts on HTML5 and how it’s the best from an SEO perspective, for a client who was having a new site from an SEO firm nonetheless, and brushed off his comment (which came from...


Kashflow – Online Business Accounting Software

A couple of years ago I wrote about Kashflow – Online Business Accounting Software. At the time I’d been using it as a sole trader for a few months. Now with 3 years of experience and company / VAT registered...


Busy, busy, busy

Whenever I think things are slowing down for me, suddenly life gets busier again! At least it’s not quite as stressful as this time last year. From a personal point of view I’ve been window shopping online and working out...


PayPal Donations and Fees

Recently I wrote about losing a friend of ours. Leaving behind such a young family and naturally having concerns for the initial financial issues that his family would potentially face, we had a collection on a forum for them. I...


Launching Blog Themes Club

I’ve been a bit quiet again recently. Besides doing the whole house hunting thing again (more on that another time!), I’ve been working with Kevin from BloggingTips on a new site for WordPress Themes called Blog Themes Club. Club Membership...