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New Camera Equipment

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a small win on an online gambling site (I only signed up to play Deal or no Deal!), nothing major, but it was enough to let me buy a few...


The View Behind Us

Quick walk up the hill behind us last night resulted in the photo below. Gotta say, can’t complain when you get a view like this.


Personal Stuff 13/04/08

Spring is in the air! Well it is April. The snow has finally stopped (for the time being) and it’s really starting to feel like spring. We went out yesterday afternoon and grabbed a few shots of the glorious beach...


Roundup 10/02/2008

The sun has been shining, is spring already in the air? I got a shot of these colourful crocuses in my parent’s garden on Wednesday. I personally think the colours are just amazing. So last weekend we had headed down...


Weekly Roundup 03/02/2008

Slowly getting back into the routine of work (very slowly…!) since getting back from Rome. Luckily we’d cleared virtually all of the outstanding work up before going so I didn’t have to return to deadlines and part done sites. To...


Roundup and More Night Photos :o)

There’s just 8 and a half days to go until we get on that plane and fly off to Rome for 8 nights 😀 Excited? Yep you betcha! I’ve emailed everyone who needs to know so that I don’t get...