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HTML 5 Form Validation

Recently I’ve been starting to utilise the pattern attribute in form input fields to ensure that what the user enters is what is expected. I see so many mistakes coming through with a capital O instead of a zero 0,...

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WordPress Slow? Scan your plugins!

For a long time, one of our client’s WordPress admin pages, a custom post type, has been loading exceptionally slow. There were over 1000 posts, yet I have about 1000 blog posts here and the admin page certainly doesn’t load...

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Using Schema in your sites

I was recently looking for some posts on HTML5 and how it’s the best from an SEO perspective, for a client who was having a new site from an SEO firm nonetheless, and brushed off his comment (which came from...


WordPress Custom Menus

A major new addition to WordPress 3.0 were custom menus. This gave you the ability to have full control over your menus, and removed the need for several plugins that performed various functions such as excluded pages from the menu,...


WordPress – Featured Images

I’m a bit behind on my various blog posts here so for some people you may think this is old news, but for plenty more there are still lots of fab new features that have come into WordPress over the...


Busy, busy, busy

Whenever I think things are slowing down for me, suddenly life gets busier again! At least it’s not quite as stressful as this time last year. From a personal point of view I’ve been window shopping online and working out...