Well if you really want to contact me then here’s the page to do it. 🙂 Please don’t use this form to spam me, it’ll be deleted before it even reaches my computer.

If you have a question or problem with one of my plugins or code I’ve written on this site then please leave a comment on the appropriate post. If you have questions or problems relating to something else then I recommend the DotDragnet forum, where I or another forum member will usually try and help you out. I’m sorry but I do not have the time to work on people’s sites for free.

If your message is a request for work then please go via my company – DSA Media, where we will be happy to review the work required and provide a quote.

Finally, if you have come via the website Blog Themes Club then please note I am no longer anything to do with this site and my details should not be on it. Support requests should go to the owner of the site via the forums or the contact form.

If you do want to get in contact however, for a genuine reason, then please drop me an email on contact at If you don’t hear back it means that I either didn’t get the message (it was blocked by my spam filter), I’m too busy to reply or your reason wasn’t genuine enough 😉